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Guide to Install Mailserver, SquirrelMail Webmail in Webmin/Virtualmin Server on Centos 6

 Main steps are follow as below 1.Get the DNS for updated to point tha MX records to your server. 2.Install the MTA of your choice (I recommend Postfix ,of course) 3.Configure the MTA to receive mail from and deliver to local mailboxes. 4.install the MDA of your choice(i recommend dovecot ,of course). 5.Configure MDA for POP/IMAP access. 6.Setup your MUA to retrive the mail

How to Setup a Cron Job on Webmin?

CRON JOB Cron job is the best way to automate various daily, weekly or even monthly tasks.In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up a cronjob on a server which runs Webmin. Accessing Cron Job Configuration Section in Webmin Step1: Login to your webmin admin panel.You can use by typing https://your-vps-ip-address:10000 Step2:Choose Webmin between two options at the top of the sidebar. Step3:Click System tab in the left sidebar of webmin and navigate […]

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