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Apache Tomcat 8.5.23 Installation on CentOS

Tomcat:-          Tomcat is an open source Java Servlet implementation developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Beside Java Servlets, Tomcat implements several Java server technologies including JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket. Tomcat provides an HTTP Web Server for Java applications with support for HTTP/2, OpenSSL for JSSE and TLS virtual hosting.   Step1-Install Java As a first thing, we need to install Java JRE and JDK from the CentOS repository. We will […]

How to Install and Use Nano Text Editor

Nano will enable you to edit text files in your VPS on the command line when you are logged in using SSH. Step1:Installing Nano Text Editor CentOS yum install nano you can test it out by writing this command nano testfile.txt It should open a new text editor window and if you make any changes to this file, they will be saved under the name test.txt. To exit Nano, for now, press CTRL + X. It […]

First Step After Getting a Centos VPS

Step1:- The first Step you should do to connect to your server via SSH. You will need to know the IP address and the SSH port of your server. There are different ways to connect to your server, depending on the operating system you use. For Windows, you can use a free open source application called PuTTY. For Linux or Mac, you can use the Terminal. For a more guide on how to connect you […]

Steps to install and configuration phpMyAdmin on CentOS 6

Step1:Add the EPEL Repository rpm -iUvh Step2:Install phpMyAdmin yum -y install phpmyadmin Step3:Find Your IP Address Following Sites: What is My IP Address? What Is My IP? Step4:Basic Configuration for phpMyadmin vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf Find the following sections and change each ip address to the one you found in step3. Require ip Allow from Require ip Allow from Then save and exit.   Start5:Restart Apache service httpd restart Step6: Verify that […]

Steps to install bind dns server on VPS

DNS Server:- A DNS Server is a computer server that contains a database of public ip address and their hostnames. Install bind dns server on centos6 Step1:- Checking updates with “yum update -y” Step2:- Install bind with “ yum install bind bind-utils -y” Step3:- Will open named.conf with “nano /etc/named.conf” Replacing *.*.*.* with corresponding ip address

Steps to install latest version of mysql and php

Install MYSQL5.7 follow below steps :- To install Php Go to –>Php Installation First Check the version of OS cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 6.9(Final) Steps:-Download and add the following MySQL Yum repository 1)On RHEL/CentOS 6 wget 2)Install Packages yum localinstall mysql57-community-release-e16-7.noarch.rpm 3)Verify Mysql yum enabled yum repolist enabled | grep “mysql.*-community.*” 4)Installing latest mysql version yum install mysql-community-server

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