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Installing a SSL certificate with SSL/TLS Manager

Enable SSL/TLS Manager in WHM for Cpanel User:- Step1:Login to WHM Step2:Click on Tweak Settings Step3:Type Allow cPanel in the top-right find box,then fill in on beside allow cPanel user to install SSL Hosts if they have ip,then save.You should see WHM updating,once its done it shown Done at bottom. Updating like Using the cPanel SSL/TLS Step1: Login to Cpanel Step2: Click on SSL/TLS Manager under the security section Generate Private Keys Before generating anything […]

HotLink Protection

The Hotlink protection allows you to prevent other websites from directly linking to files on your website.That is when another website is visited it can not be load pictures from your pages.It occurs when someone embeds content from your site in another site and uses your bandwidth t serve the files. Hotlinking would be a different website using HTML code to display an image from your site.In effect,the other website is using up your bandwidth […]

IP Blocker

Do you want to stop someone from visiting your website?This tool will block anyone from a specified IP address Steps to block IP address Step1:Login cPanel and click IP Deny manager Step2:Under “Add an IP Deny Manager”,Please enter IP address or domain name you wish to block. Step3:Add button.

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