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Month: August 2017

How to flush your local DNS Cache

The computer has trouble reaching a certain web site or server this may be due to a corrupt local DNS cache.   Windows vista/windows 7:- Click on start.followed by All Programs,and then Accessories. Right Click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. In the command prompt window type in the following command and press enter ipconfig /flushdns If all goes well,which it should,you will see the following confirmation message. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver […]

Understanding how password protecting a directory works

You can limit access to certain resources of your website by password protecting the directories they are in.When you choose to password protect a directory in cpanel,It creates a rule in .htaccess file.This rule specifies that the folder is protected and the visitor will need to provide the proper username and password to log in and view the files. Steps to password Protect Directories step1: Log into cpanel step2: Go to Files section and click […]

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