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Simple 5 Steps to Setup DMARC records in cPanel

In this post,we will learn how to setup DMARC records in cPanel.It’s allow to specify how mail server is handle message from domain that do not have valid SPF and SKIM records setup.Since the DMARC standard is used by many email providers like Gmail,Yahoo,It can be used to increase your chances of email being delivered successfully. Step1 : Login to cPanel Step2 : Once logged click the Advanced Zone Editor button in the “Domains Sections” […]

Install and Configure CSF(Confing Server Firewall) on CentOS 7

         Config Server Firewall / CSF is firewall application suite for Linux servers. CSF is also a Login/Intrusion Detection for applications like SSH, SMTP, IMAP, Pop3, the “su” command and many more. CSF can e.g. detect when someone is logging into the server via SSH and alarms you when this user tries to use the “su” command on the server to get higher privileges. It also checks for login authentication failures on mail servers (Exim, IMAP, […]

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